How to Use Commas Correctly in a Sentence : 4 Important Tips

Do you know how to use commas correctly? Well many people do, but others do not.  So besides a period, a comma is one of the frequently used punctuation marks. Commas prompt a pause in the sentence, instead of a stop, which is the case for periods. They can make a grave difference in the impression and meaning of a sentence. There are not always comma nazis around to correct your grammar. So, it is important to know when to use a comma so that you can express the right idea when placing them in a sentence.

Tips on Using Commas Correctly

Here are some of the proper utilization and placement methods for using commas correctly:

  • A comma is used when separating words or phrases in a series. For example, I ate fruits, vegetables, and meat.
  • A comma is used for the separation of two adjectives in interchangeable order. For example, You are a promising, wise lad. You can write, “You are a smart, promising lad.”
  • A comma can be used to connect two clauses, one independent and one dependent. For example: While eating his breakfast, the young man was memorizing his speech.
  • A comma is used when combining two independent clauses joined by a connector. For example, The little boy reached for his mother’s hand, but he fell doing so.

How to use commas correctly

Aside from the uses above, learning how to use commas properly means that you also have to know when no to use this punctuation mark. Here are instances when you should not put a comma:

  • Just because your sentence long does not mean that you should shower it with commas. Instead, break your sentence into parts so that it will relay the meaning in some sentences instead of just one.
  • Using a comma when telling something about a person or a subject is not always right. However, if using a restrictive clause, commas are necessary. For example (Incorrect) Lisa, is the most top notch in her class. (Correct) Lisa, the more top notch in her class, perseveres in meeting her goals.

The use of commas influence how a sentence is interpreted, which is why it is essential to now when and when not to use it.


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