Tips to teach nouns


Tips to Teach Nouns

When a youngling reaches kindergarten or 1st grade, school teachers should begin to introduce certain grammar elements to assist them in becoming avid writers and readers and generally teaching them basic language and writing skills. Teaching nouns is one of the essentials that should be integrated into early education.

So how can a teacher, teach nouns to 5-6-7 year old children?

There are plenty of ways – an eager little child will learn the usage and definition of nouns in the English language, here are a few tips to teach nouns including:-



Define nouns: For any child to understand what a noun is in the English language and within the usage of Grammar it is key to define them. You can easily do this by explaining the “PPT” easy rule. PPT is a person, place or thing. Use a noun in a short sentence and have the students pick out nouns and it helps them put it together in their brains.

Introduce common and proper nouns: You can teach your students the difference between common nouns (a cat, an apple, a place “school”) and Proper nouns (brands Hershey’s, Cities: New York.)

Use songs and pictures: Sometimes teaching outside of the box can help a student absorb the meaning of nouns. Use images to help them decipher nouns from verbs and etc. You can use songs to help them better understand how to use nouns in sentences when speaking, when writing, and when reading.

Use work sheets: Most early lesson plans for teachers introducing nouns to young students include giving them worksheets that may feature pictures, places and things or even fill in the blanks where they use their imagination to complete the sentence with an adequate noun. This helps them to learn all facets of noun-usage and helps them to practice identifying nouns.

Teaching Nouns: Bottom Line

There are so many fun, new ways that a teacher can make learning nouns as easy as pie for a student. Use videos, pictures, worksheets, and songs to engage them and make it less boring and to keep their attention. And, if you run out of ideas there is plenty of help and resources online that will assist you in making lesson plans that teach nouns simpler and more interesting for you and your students.

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