3 Exclusive Tips to Plant Flower Seeds


Tips to Plant Flower Seeds


Buying seeds to plant flowers and planting flower seeds can be a cheap way to decorate your home exterior and interior. Although there is much debate over purchasing live plants vs planting flower seeds- we can tell you, planting flower seeds spares you cost, is super easy, and can yield you the most beautiful plants and flowers you have ever seen.



The Basics of Planting Flower Seeds

There are many types of seeds you can plant, but the flower types fall into only two categories: perennial (seasonal) and annual (yearly.) Planting and harvesting both types of seeds falls along common protocols which include the following steps:-


  • Buy soil from your local home store- or choose soil that has a deep, rich color and is moist. Potting soil is best that comes in the stores, if you choose to utilize soil from home make certain its not just sand- you want dark brown, soil with natural essences of manure and etc.. in it that helps to nourish your seedlings the most.


  • Plant in planters, clay pots- or straight in the garden – Once you have the soil, you’ll want a place to plant them – whether it is straight in your garden or in planters or clay pots- the process is the same. Take 2-4 seeds and dig a hole 1 ½ inches down into the soil, leaving the seed spots at least an inch ½ apart (for growth) – plant- bury, cover with excess soil… water the soil and seeds so they are not drenched but wet as the water soaks into the soil.


  • Most seedlings need tender care and basic plant needs – Depending on the climate where you live, the best time to plant seeds is early spring when the temperature is above freezing. You will want to keep you seedlings indoors until the temperature outside is above 67 degrees Celsius. Then you want to water them when you see the soil is dry and keep them in a location where they will get plenty of sunlight.

How to make mulch for your garden

Planting flower seeds is quite tricky, but with these wonderful, proven tips – you can’t and won’t fail… Just be certain to be patient and give them good care and attention- and they will sprout up in no time.

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