Tips to Burn Blu Ray Movies



Whether you are a newbie or a novice as burning DVD’s, burning a blue ray optical disc movie can definitely cause more than a little frustration. Since blank DVD’s can be expensive even ruining a single disc can cost you money. To be sure to get the best quality movie you can burn, you should follow the following tips to burn blue ray movies.

Certify That You Have a Blu Ray Burner

A standard DVD burner will not work to burn optical Blu Ray movies. If you don’t have a blu ray burner, you will need to buy one – first and foremost. Blue Ray burners come in all brands and prices – choose one to suit your budget and preference. But choose wisely, because quality is key when building a nice, high-quality blue ray library.

Build Your Arsenal with Adequate Software

Blue Ray discs can be utilized in many different ways, because of this – you can choose from a large array of Blu-ray burning software products. As withother products, there is always pros and cons to them. Ask yourself if you want decryptions support, or if you want to make back-up copies of the videos in your collection.However, be cautious and careful to choose software and products that provide you all of the features that you absolutely need.

Get Your Ducks in a Row: Organize Your Files 

In order to give yourself the best blue ray burning experience, you are going to want to get organized. You can accomplish this by putting all of your files in folders and naming them accordingly. List them and order them in the way that you want them placed onto the disc while you drop and drag the files and transfer them over.

Purchase Your Blank Discs

You can find blue ray blank discs at popular tech chains such as Best Buy, Staples and even Office Depot or you can order and buy them online. You will first want to know the difference among BD-RE and BD-R discs. BD-RE discs allow you to burn over media that has already been placed on the disc and burned and BD-R is a one time use disc where you cannot reburn on top of it.

Launch & Burn

Once you have followed the previous tips, then you can just burn your blue ray DVD’s to your hearts content. Use the directions in the software package that you are using to encrypt and decrypt your videos and drag and drop accordingly. When everything is complete you can burn and test your disc. Burning Blu rays may take a little trial and error, but it is one of those things that you will perfect in time.

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