How To Teach Sentence Structure through Interactive Lessons

Teach Sentence Structure
How To Teach Sentence Structure

Sentence structure in the English can be a confusing topic, especially for those who speak another language.

It is essential to prepare for teaching this subject so your students could get a good grip on it.

The introduction of the concepts should be done in an interesting and enjoyable manner.

5 Steps to Improve our Sentence Structure

  • Make sure to have the information in Sentence is clear.
  • Always use the Active voice.
  • Stick to basic grammar rules.
  • Use Transitional Words.
  • Include Active Verbs
teach sentence structure
How to teach sentence structure through interactive Lessons

All About Sentence Structure

Start your lesson by asking your student his perception about sentences. What is a sentence? A sentence is a group of words or phrases that meaningfully expresses a complete thought. Encourage the students to write their sentences to express what they want to say. Once they have made their sentences, you can clarify what they mean by asking them about it.

Next is to teach the composition of a sentence. A sentence is composed of a subject (noun) and a predicate (verb). The subject is the one being talked about in the sentence. The predicate, on the other hand, is the one that describes the subject. You can give examples where the students, with your help, will determine the parts of the sentence. Allowing the interaction of students on will make the learning process more efficient. Here are examples of allowing students to participate

How to Teach Sentence Structure

  • Fill in the blanks- Create sentences with missing words. The students will have to write in the missing words to create a complete thought. For example Dave ___ the fruit. (A verb must be filled in), _____ opened the door. (A subject or noun must be supplied)
  •  Putting words in order- Use a jumble of words in a sentence that the students will have to rearrange to make a meaningful statement. For example, playing Sally guitar the. (The correct order is Sally played the guitar.

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Ways That You Can Further Learn Sentence Structure to Better Teach Others

With the widespread breach of the Internet- there are even more resources and tools that individuals can utilize and take advantage of to learn more versatile and effective ways to teach others. Our suggestion is to find guides online that are free that include, videos, instructional screenshot, quizzes, and also other materials that can provide you with an arsenal of tools to use for teaching others sentence structure. It may even help you to discover other techniques that assist others in absorbing information optimally.

Encouraging interactive learning will improve the students’ ability to understand the lesson and retain what he has learned in his memory.

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