7 Steps Guide : How to Do Two Strand Twist

Two Strand Twist
              How to Do Two Strand Twist

Whether you have short or long hair, you can do the two strand twist hairstyle.

This can be a go-to base hairstyle, to which you can do several variations to your look. This hairstyle can be done with both kids and adults. It can be adorned with ribbons or beads to add a personal touch to the look.

Steps in Doing Two Strand Hair Twist

  • Decide on what kind of twist you desire.

In choosing the type of twist that you want, always factor in comfort aside from the appearance of your hair.

  • Clean and condition your hair.

Shampoo your hair. After you, lather and rinse, apply conditioner. After which, rinse your hair. Remove excess water from your hair without drying it thoroughly. It must be damp.

  • Comb and detangle your hair.

Use a wide-toothed comb to make it easier for your to detangle your hair. This will prevent hair damage and hair fall.

  • Part your hair.

This is the start on how to do two strand twist. Divide your hair into two sections. Use hair clips to separate the parts.

  • Divide your hair into six sections.

Further part the top and bottom of the hair, three for each. Clip each separated part to keep it separated.

  • Start with the fire sections.

Remove the clip from the first section then comb it. Use a hair product such as a hair lotion on the loose hair. Secure the section with a rubber band positioned as close as possible to the roots of the hair. Do this for all of the sections of divided hair.

  • Twist the two new sections of hair.

Cross over left and right until the hair section’s end. You can now start decorating the twisted strands with beads or ribbons as you please.


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