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Remove oil stains
How to remove oil stains

Have you ever heard the cliche that oil and water do not mix, well- that is why it is so doggone difficult to remove oil stains from clothes! Plain water and a hot water wash won’t remove that stubborn oil from any type of materials.

Stains on clothes are a common thing, however, some stains are very hard to deal with. Even the most stubborn stains can be removed with some tricks and know-how. If you have found one of your favourite garments with an oil stain, we have gathered the best tips for you so that you can remove it.

Removing Oil Stains can be  made easy when you know the right methods to use!

Remove oil Stains
How to Remove oil Stains

Dealing with the Stubborn Oil Stains


When we get an oil stain on our clothing, the first thing strikes us is how are we ever going to get this out?

Oil stains as compared to other stains are stubborn and if the care is not taken properly, they can leave their marks on the clothes forever.

Oil stains are normal as the table clothes are more prone to oily stains. Read to find how easily you can deal with the oil stains.

Oil stains are needed to be handled carefully. Here are a little way and the simplest way to treat the oil stains and get you cloth back into original shape.

Treating Stubborn Oil Stains-

  • Pour talcum powder on the portion of cloth where there is the stain.
  • Wait for some time and let the powder soak the oil from the cloth.
  • You can also iron the stain keeping the tissue paper on both sides of the stain after applying the talcum powder.
  • This process will absorb all the oil from the cloth.
  • Now, what left is just a stain without oil. Clean it with detergent,
  • And, you will see a whole clean cloth.


  • The general human tendency is to pour water onto the stain order to fade the stain, but in the case of oil stain, this practice is not acceptable as it will permanent the stain. Let it dry and when you are back home, follow the above procedure.
  • In case if the stain is not completely clear, you can repeat the step, and the results will be definite.

Hope that this stain treatment post helped, so that the next time you get an oil stain on your clothing, you will be better equipped with the best tricks to get rid of it once and for all.


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