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Apply Makeup to Look Younger
How to Apply Makeup to Look Younger

As we age, our face becomes dull; wrinkles come out, and unwanted spots are showing without our consent. But that is part of life, right?

Everyone wants to look young and beautiful!

So why not find magic in cosmetics and discover the fountain of youth once again with the help of applying make-up. Here we provide you with  bunch of useful tips on how you can apply makeup to look younger…

7 Tips to Apply Makeup to Look Younger

  1.  Use moisturizer before foundation
  2.  Hide the spots on your face from concealer
  3.  Stay away from powder if you are above 50. Not advisable for dry skin.
  4.  Use Gold tone to make you look healthier and younger.
  5.  Take advantage of your bone structure by focussing on your cheekbones with makeup.
  6.  Go one shade darker when you are blonde but one shade lighter otherwise with your brows.
  7.  A bit of vaseline or some shiny touch of lip gloss will give your lower lip a standout.


How to Apply Makeup to Look Younger

  • Use of Moisturizer before applying makeup put on a moisturizer first. It will help your skin look smoother, and everything that you will use on top of moisturized skin will look richer and intense.
  • Line your lashes– Curling up your eyelashes will make your eyes bigger and younger. Use the black liner to enhance lashes and use the blackest mascara for your eyes to look clearer and whiter. Choosing an eye shadow that is opposite to your eye color will bring out the color of your eyes too.
  • Use the Right foundation – dot tiny amount of foundation all your face and use a sponge to spread it evenly and equally. Most experts recommend using yellowish or goldish foundation as it warms up the skin and you’ll look even younger on it.
  • Use concealer to cover spots- liquid concealer is best to hide blemishes, it helps brighten up a tired face, cover up unsightly sunspots and make away eye bags.
  • Use of nude lipstick– to complete the makeup detail and look even younger, choose a nude lipstick. A neutral rose color flatters all skin tones and brightens up the face. You may also dab a bit of shiny lip gloss on your lip as this gives the appearance of fuller mouth.

How to Apply Makeup to Look Younger: Bottom Line

Makeup can do wonders for a person to bring out their best features and hide the not so good features. From coverage of uneven skin tones and blemishes to highlighting ones cheekbones- makeup application can make you not only look you best and to look younger, but also to feel awesome about yourself!

Check out these tips and also use the plethora of resources, tutorials, makeup guides, and videos that can teach you the coolest techniques to shed ages off your appearance.

There you go! As simple as one-two-three, all these makeup tricks will cover up the real age of yours and will also boost your confidence to look good and feel good.


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