2018 Easy Tutorial On How to Make Wire Earrings

Make Wire Earrings
       How to Make Wire Earrings

Making and learning how to make wire earrings can become something to add to your beauty accessories and something that can transpire to be an enjoyable hobby. It does not take much skill- just creativeness and  a few basic tools and materials.

Whether you want to learn  new craft or just want to add unique, custom made earrings to your accessory collection- making homemade wire earrings can be a great creative process.

Many people start out making earrings for various reasons, and some think that it may be too difficult or expensive. However, do not worry as we have you covered with some handy, dandy tips on starting to make your own earrings from wire.

Creating your jewelry can be challenging at first. However, as soon as you get the hang of it, you will be productive and creative in making new pieces that you can use on your own or for selling.

How to Make Wire Earrings: What You Need

As a beginner in wire jewelry making, make sure that you have the necessary tools such as:

  • Wire
  • Round nose pliers
  • Bent nose pliers
  • Flat nose or nylon jaw pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Ruler
  • wire shapes

How to Make Wire Earrings

You will need tools to bend and cut the wires. Other tools and materials you need will depend on the project you will make. Using inappropriate tools for cutting, bending, and shaping wires will make your first project involved and inefficient. This can also cause you to hurt yourself accidentally.

Your First Jewelry Making Project

For your first earring making project, you can browse for tutorials online. This will guide you systematically and give you a list of the supplies that you need. Choose a simple project that you know you can handle. Read through the supplies needed. Select the project that requires a few and simple tools and materials, ones that can be easily acquired from what is in your house or something you can buy at an affordable rate at stores.

If you choose hard projects with more complicated tools and supplies, you may find your first project as very daunting. Additionally, if you do not like your first experience and decide that you do not want to try it again; the multitude of tools and supplies you bought will be wasted.

When working with wires, use the right bending and cutting materials to create the shape and design that you want. You can use substitute tools but make sure these will not make the process dangerous for you. Practice precaution when working with wires and cutting tools.

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