How To Make Refrigerator Magnets Out Of Nothing


Make Refrigerator Magnets
How To Make Refrigerator Magnets

If you want a good sideline or just a past time, why not try to make decorative refrigerator magnets?

DIY Magnets can be a fun pastime to do with your children, there are many crafty ideas and ways that you can create magnets out of nothing. It does not even cost that much of your money.

This is very easy to do and will boost your creativity.

So, if you want to have a past time or a sideline perhaps, here are some tips on how to make refrigerator magnets.

How To Make Refrigerator Magnets:

What are the materials needed?

  1. Where to buy magnets? You can buy magnets into craft stores. Use magnet strips, magnetic business cards or other magnets in your house that can be recycled. Be sure that the magnets that you will be using will be covered by the materials that will be glued. In here, round magnets are very useful.
  2. Glue strips must be of the strong kind.
  3. Glue gun to bind your materials together.

Simple Refrigerator Magnets

  • Flower magnets: find fabric flowers. Glue the bottom of the flowers to the magnet so that all surface of the magnet is covered with flowers. Colourful pieces of fabric silk can be used. Just arrange the pieces in the circle so that it can become flower petals.
  • Clip magnets: used bulldog clips and glued it on the magnet to hold a thick paper. Very useful especially when you want to display thick papers on your refrigerator and a magnet alone cannot hold the paper by itself.
  • Anything light such as colourful buttons, coins, pebble, shells, small toys, etc. Anything small and lightweight can be glued onto magnets.
  • Photo Magnets. Do you have your favourite photo? A wallet size will do. Laminate your photo first and glue it on a business card magnet.
  • Scrapbook materials. When you want a highly decorative refrigerator, you can use scrapbook materials and just glue it on a magnet.
  • Inspirational magnets. Print your favourite inspirational quotes to a special paper. Cut it but be sure it is the exact size of the business card magnet. Laminate the paper and glue it on the business card magnet.

How To Make Refrigerator Magnets: Bottom Line

There are so many creative ways that you can facet magnetic strips to household items, crafts (ribbons, clothespins, and more)- it takes a creative mind and just your time to make some interesting magnets that you can showcase on your refrigerator. Use these tips to DIY your own magnets and have some great fun getting your creative on!

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