How to Make Mulch For Your Garden

Make Mulch For Your Garden
    How to Make Mulch For Your Garden

Mulching is important for your plants as they are used to improve the soil. Apart from that, they can also be incorporated into the landscape design as they give a lovely appearance.  They also help lessen your amount of time in watering the plants as they trap the water in the soil a little bit to avoid a huge amount of moisture to evaporate into thin air.

There are many different types of mulch that one can use for their landscaping purposes and gardening designs. Some can be purchased at your local greenhouse, hardware stores and more- while other types of mulch can spare you cost and help really set the tone for your garden. You can DIY your own mulch, and its not that difficult of task.

Here we help you learn how to make your own mulch…

Mulching For Your Garden

Surrounding your plants with mulch also lessens your time weeding out unwanted wild plants as these weeds will no longer have room to grow near your plants. Mulches also protect the roots of your plants from exposure to harsh weather condition like extreme cold during winter. Some plant pests will avoid your plants because of the mulch you will be spreading because there is a pest who do not like the texture of the mulches in their feet.


How to Make Mulch: Simple Steps

  1. Choose a cleared place for your mulch- making. Choose one that is open to the weather.
  2. Gather and dry the materials. There are a lot of materials that you can make into mulch. They could be rock, old used papers, trimmings from plants and grasses, and leaves. Take note to avoid making mulches out of plants with mature seeds as they might grow. You can use the leaves you rake in your yard or your grasses that are being mowed. Break the leaves into smaller bits if you have big leaves. You can use a shovel to do this.
  3. Obtain wood chips and lay them at the top of the leaves. There might be cheap wood chips available in your area; there are those who even give away wood chips. Check out Craiglist; there are those who are involved in woodworks and have wood chips as their waste.
  4. Add ammonium nitrate.
  5. Let them get weathered (winter) for two- three months. Turn it with a shovel after every few weeks.

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