How to Make a Christmas Tree Topper

Make a Christmas Tree Topper
          How to Make a Christmas Tree Topper

Christmas season is approaching. The preparation for this season in some countries begins in early September. This is the time of the year where Christmas tree decorations are needed to be brought out of the storage again.

Perhaps you have prepared the lights, the outdoor decorations, and one of the most important elements of the season is the Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree topper is one of the most important elements of a tree, and now with more crafts than ever, a person can hand-craft their own unique tree topper for their unique tree. Making your own topper is not difficult, it just entails a little creativity, your own personal style, and a few supplies like ribbons, glue, starts, and other supplies depending on what type of topper you choose suits your style best.

Here are some suggestions for you to gain inspiration and for you to learn how to make your own tree topper…


Christmas tree topper
How to make a Christmas tree topper

How to Make a Christmas Tree Topper

Others regard this as a symbol for the season itself. In snow countries, they maintain it white and plain. Some Christmas balls are put in its top while others prefer colourful toppings on it. The question is,

There are many ways to decorate your home. You can choose a motif or theme for this year’s occasion. Which you can make for your Christmas tree.

Here are some types of tree topper

  • Monogram Tree topper – These toppers are usually made from wooden block letters. It is painted depending on your mood. Measure strips of glittery ribbon that is needed to cover the letter completely. Glue it on top of your tree.
  • Fleur-De-Lis Medallion Tree Topper –. Have nothing to do with the pages of your old books? You can roll them together forming a floral shape then there you go.
  • Popsicle-Stick Snowflake Tree Topper – You need some popsicle sticks. Paint them in white and snow-like colour. Arrange them in a snowflake form, glue them together and put them on top of your tree. You can now enjoy white Christmas even if there is no snow.
  • Peppermint Tree Topper – The red and white colour of this topper can fit any colour of the season. You can search the internet for some tips on how to make this kind of topper. Please ask google for it.

The season is great. Make it simple. If you can make it even more straightforward, then probably you will enjoy the season more.

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