Knowing How To Make Blue Eyes Stand Out Through The Help Of Make Up

Make Blue Eyes
               How To Make Blue Eyes

Sometimes you will find it hard making your eyes stand out from your overall outfit. Blue eyes can be very tricky to work with especially when you want to look simply amazing with that outfit that you have just picked.

Many will say that you should pick a color to match your eyes, but there are cases that the colors blur out your eyes and make you look dull. What you need to do is to get the help of something external such as make up.

Using different makeup techniques along with certain blends of color can really make your eyes even bluer than they actually are and if you are blue-eyed- you want one of your best features to always look peircing and undeniable.

If you are looking for ways to make your blue eyes pop out more, there are tons of techniques and tips that you will find helpful in this article…

How Can Makeup Help Your Blue Eyes Pop?

There are plenty of ways that you can apply makeup to your eyes in order to make it brighter and more noticeable. The key is to know which combinations work best for you about how to make blue eyes stand out.


Here are some eyeshades perfect for blue eyes

  • Purple eye shadow

This color is perfect especially when fall is nearby. Blue and green shadows tend to dull out the blue eyes, unlike the purple color which supports the blue eyes and helps make them look even brighter. Combining purple shadows can make your blue eyes look even more fierce and engaging.

  • Terra cotta eye shadow

Terra cotta is a color close to brown hues and it helps put warmth around the eyes. There’s no need for intensive blending and you can just simply apply it and have your eyes look more noticeable even from afar.

  • Orange eye shadow

You may think it’s too much, but if you use orange in the right way the color can simply do wonders for you! Orange and blue complement each other which is why you can relax and be assured that they will look well together. In the color, these colors are directly opposite with each other thus creating a wonderful contrast effect that would look stunning on your eyes.

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