How to Stop Itching After Shaving : Men’s Exclusive



Do you love the feeling of that smooth skin after you shave but hate the feeling of itchiness that comes after?



ell, if you want to reduce the itchiness that you are feeling after you shave then you have come to the right place. How to stop itching after shaving is most men problem. Here are a few things that you can do to help reduce the irritation that your skin feels after you shave.



The first thing to remember is that preparation before shaving is crucial. What you do before you shave has just as much of an impact on skin itchiness after you have shaved as well. So you may want to prepare properly before you shave, and follow the guidelines after you shave, in order to stop that skin from itching too much.



  • Wet your face with some warm water


Warm water makes your skin more supple, and thus makes it much easier to shave. Another effect that warm water has, is that it opens up the pores and hair follicles on your skin. This reduces the irritation that the skin feels when a razor passes over it.



  • Consider a shaving cream


A shaving cream can do wonders not only for ease of shaving but for skin sensitivity after shaving as well. This is because most shaving creams on the market have some form of active ingredient that soothes the skin. Just be sure to get a shaving cream that contains ingredients that you are not allergic to, otherwise, it can cause more skin irritation!












  • Use the right kind of razor


If you are shaving your face then use the appropriate razor, the same goes true if you are shaving another part of your body. And if you have got sensitive skin, then try getting a razor that is made for your skin type.


  • Use an aftershave or lotion


Using an aftershave isn’t only good for the smell, it is also quite effective in reducing the itching as well. An aftershave or aftershave lotion acts somewhat like a toner. It removes the microscopic dirt, such as the leftover shaved hair, and also tightens the skin back up again. Both of these have a combined effect in soothing the newly-shaved skin.


  • Don’t forget to moisturize


Moisturizing after shaving is a must. When you shave your skin, you are removing an extra thin layer of skin off. This can cause the skin underneath to dry out and thus make it itch. Using a moisturizer can help you reduce the irritation that is caused by the skin drying out.


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