How To Make Eggnog From Scratch


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The holiday season is fast approaching. For sure, you are preparing for a night of spending fun times with your family and friends. What better way to do it than to serve eggnog to them. For sure, they going to love it, especially when they know you are the one who made the eggnog straight from scratch.


Before we proceed with the making of the eggnog, let’s take an overview on the history of this famous milk punch. This recipe originates from United Kingdom. It’s flavor is custard and color is cream. The usual ingredients include egg whites (whipped), egg yolks, sugar, cream, and milk. One of its variants is to include alcohol in it. Eggnog is often served during parties or gets together chilled. It is the usual tradition of people from United States and Canada to consume eggnog over the holiday season. It has also become famous in Australia and Venezuela, among others. Knowing this information, for sure, you will start to take pride in creating eggnog at home since it form part of the tradition during Christmas season.

Make your own Eggnog
How to make your own Eggnog

The ingredients are easy to find. You can simply find them at the grocery and not that fancy. Thus, you will not have any issue at all in buying these to create your very own version of eggnog at home.




1.      1 tsp. vanilla extract

2.      1 L. spiced rum

3.      1 qt. heavy cream, whip it lightly

4.      1 qt. whole milk

5.      1 lb. Granulated sugar

6.      12 large egg yolks


Here are the steps in making eggnog from scratch:


1.      First, beat the large egg yolks inside a large mixing bowl. Then, slowly add the sugar. Be sure to beat the eggs with the sugar until the mixture thickens. Then, start stirring the rum and milk. Pour the mixture inside a large punch bowl. Let it chill for about 3 to 4 hours.

2.      Use the lightly whipped heavy cream by folding it on top of the mixture. Garnish the eggnog with ground nutmeg or cinnamon.


So, the next time you invite your family and friends over, do serve them with chilled and delicious eggnog. For sure, they would ask for more! Since it will bring back their memories when they were younger and having eggnog at home. It would be fun for sure to see every one tasting the eggnog, smiling and saying, “it is delicious!”

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