How To Make Chocolate Lollipops


Get Chocolate Lollipop Molds Recipe –

One dessert that you can easily make and convert into a lovely treat during birthdays or any event is the chocolate lollipops. For sure, you will be having so much fun creating one lollipop after the other.

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How to make chocolate lollipops

Here is a rundown on how to make chocolate lollipops:


  1. Using Molds –

You need to make use of lollipop mold. There are all sorts of molds found at your local craft store. When it comes to choosing the right mold, do remember to go for one that looks great

with one color. For beginners out there, you can make use of the stars or hearts mold. Be sure to go for a mold that has a gap or a small space perfect fit for the stick.

  1. Pour the chocolate into the mold.

When the chocolate has melted, you can slowly pour it into the mold. Just a tip make use of a spoon when you start pouring. The goal here for you to fill in the mold all the way to the top. However, do avoid pouring too much chocolate or else it is going to be messy.

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  1. Add the sticks.

You can get hold of the stick for the lollipop right where purchase the molds and chocolate.             Simply, lay the stick to the mold. If you are using a larger mold, you need to make use of more stick to ensure it won’t fall off when the person is going to start eating the chocolate.

  1. Do cool down the mold.

This is needed to harden and let the chocolate set in. Eventually, you can get the chocolate out of the mold. As to how long it would take to come up with this sweet treat, well, it depends on ` the size. So, the bigger the chocolate, the longer it will take for it to harden.

  1. Removing it from the mold.

When the lollipop has already set into the mold and hardened all the way, then this is now the time you can remove it straight from the mold. There are some molds wherein all you need to do is to have a gentle push from the back of the mold, and the lollipop is going to pop up.

  1. You can add extra.

Yes, can add colors or decorative extra towards the lollipop. If you intend to add extras, it is highly advisable to do put the extra first into the mold, then pour in the chocolate right after. In this way, the chocolate and the extras are going to set in fully.


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