How To Make Beaded Jewelry : 5 Easy Steps

Make Beaded Jewelry
How To Make Beaded Jewelry


Beadwork is the art of connecting one bead to another to make jewelry or other artwork like handbags and even clothes.

It is one of the creative hobbies one can put their hands on. The beauty of the beads is that they come in a dizzying variety of sizes, colors, materials and shapes to form your piece.

Beadwork can cost quite a bit of money if you buy it from a store where they mark it up for high profit. If you love crafting things and want to add some flare to your accessory collection, you may want to take up doing beadwork in jewelry as it is a fantastic pasttime and a great way to save some money while stocking up your accessories.

Beadwork as Your Artistic Expression

You can start with simple pieces that even small children can participate. Eventually, you can take it to the master level and form an intricate piece of art. You can start with cheap materials found in your area, or you can buy expensive sourced from exotic parts of the world. With beadwork, your imagination will be the limit.

Stringing Beads (Basic)

As your first foray on how to make beaded jewelry, stringing beads and securing them is the most basic of all. You will only need beads,  beading line (any string that will fit through the holes of the beads), and a clasp. You will also need pliers and small wire cutters.

How to Make Beaded Jewelry

  1. Cut the beading wire according to your desired size. Cut 10 – 14 inches if you want your necklace closely circle your neck, 16 inches if you want it to rotate loosely, 18 inches if you want it to sit on your collarbone, and 20 inches if you want it to sit below your collarbone.
  2. Plan a design. If you wanted to explore more on the designs, choose different colors and sizes of beads. You can apply basic color combination using the color wheel. For starters, you can alternate two different colors of the same style and size of beads.
  3. String the beads. You should have a bead stopper at the end of the beading wire. Then, start stringing.
  4. Add the clasp. You can apply overhand knots in tying the beading line to the pin on both sides.
  5. Cut the excess wire.

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