2018 Christmas Guide : How to make a Santa Hat?


“Santa Hat”



aking your own Santa Claus hat is easy and will be of much better quality than those sold in stores. This article provides a possible method to make a Santa hat.



Step 1:


Collect all the materials you can find listed below. You will see that making this homemade noel santa hat is a very fun craft and that if you do it step by step it will look great on you.


You will need:-


  • Red and white felt fabric
  • Red and white thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Small white pompom
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Marking paper
  • Glue



Step 2:


The first step is to create the template to make the hat. Use a piece of strong paper to prevent it from breaking. Draw a triangle on the paper. Usually around 33 to 35 cm is the best size.



Howtobros Santa Hat
How to make a Santa Clause Hat



Step 3:


At the base of the hat, draw an arc that crosses the entire base from side to side. This is so that the triangle is rounded at the bottom. To do this, tie the pencil to a piece of yarn, and this thread should be glued with tape at the top point of the triangle. The pencil should only touch the center of the base of the triangle.



Step 4:


Simply draw a line with the thread taut on the paper and you will create a bow. Cut out the paper template.



Step 5:


Fold the felt of Santa’s hat. Fold it into the rough shape of the triangle. Place the template on the felt. Use pins if this helps you keep the template in place. Maintain the edge of the template along the folded edge of the felt.



Step 6:


Cut the shape of the felt hat. Sew the side edges. These are the straight lines, not the curved edge that forms the base. If you do not want to sew the edges you can glue them using a suitable glue. Then you can turn the hat on the side as if it were a stocking. This is to hide the seam. The hat will have a cone shape.



Step 7:


Add the base. You have several options here, depending on your preference for the final look. Cut a white felt band that measures about 5 cm wide, long enough to wrap around the base of the hat. To finish you have to sew or stick the pompom to the top of Santa’s hat. Try it, it is ready to be used.


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