How To Make A Purse Cake : Quick Ways To Prepare a Delicious one

Make A Purse Cake
               How To Make A Purse Cake

Fabulous cakes are always in demand, particularly during special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, to name a few. Among all the delicious cakes, purse cake comes in the topmost category.

More often than not, they are one of the things that most visitors would look for or would immediately notice upon entering into the reception.

Having said that, it is but necessary to have the most good-looking cake to add to the beauty of the occasion.

For said occasion and when it is female related whether it be a career success, birthday, mothers day or for a child’s party- a purse cake can be delightful.

You may assume that you would not be able to decorate and bake a purse cake by yourself, but it is not as difficult as it seems. This is especially the case with our helpful Howtolord guide and with other references and inspiration, you can gain by doing searches and research on the Internet.

purse cake
Easy guide to make a purse cake

How to Make a Purse Cake

Note that there are different designs and styles of cakes, depending on the event where it will be displayed. At present, what most individuals are up to is to discover how to make a purse cake.

The good news is that useful tips and guidelines or steps on how to do your masterpiece for this kind of cake are now accessible over the Internet.

That means no need to worry or enroll at expensive baking schools anymore. One important tip is concerning the size of your cake and cake board. If you wish to create a smaller version of a purse cake, then scale down its size by cutting it round in two halves. For its decoration, use either a gum paste brooch or gum paste bow, whichever you find best for your viewing and style.

Some Helpful and Easy steps:

  • The first step to making your purse cake is to get a piece of rolled fondant.
  • Then, roll out the fondant to a 5mm thickness, get a ribbon cutter or a strip cutter and a cut a 9” long and 1” wide strip.
  • Next, make use of the cake pan where you baked the cake into shape the handle for the purse cake and wait one day for it to dry.
  • Once that’s dry, you are ready to go at making the cake all by yourself by going through a couple of easy steps.

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