How To Make A Messy Ponytail? – Five Things You Should Know About

Make A Messy Ponytail
             How To Make A Messy Ponytail

To people who are in a rush and want to have that perfectly good hairstyle, then you are on the right track- a messy ponytail is where it is at.

The kind of hairstyle which has a “woke up like this” theme is very popular nowadays – the messy ponytail. That sort of hairstyle is achievable by anyone.

It may be messy, but it is a quick on the go, no-frills – trendy look that you can achieve without a stylish and without spending a fortune for someone to create the look for you.

There are many types of techniques and strategies a person can use to do their own messy ponytail, but most of all there are a few key points that we must inform you of- before you try it on your own. These tips will help you to be the most successful pro at whipping your hair up in the most stylish messy pony anyone has ever seen!

messy ponytail
Tips to make PonyTail

How to Make a Messy Ponytail

Why do people always love the ponytail that is a hot mess??? messy 

Some of the top reasons are as follows:

  • Suits to any outfit
  • Easily adds personality ensemble
  • Suits to any personality
  • Quick and easy to do

It would be best to create this hairstyle using the day-old hair or locks that have a messier texture. If your hair doesn’t contain any waves, then you can try curling it loosely at least 3 inches of it. Use a curler which will give big curls. For the hair to be lifted, try to spray the root of it with the salt spray. This is to give an additional volume to the hair. Once you are done, try to pull your hair upwards until it reaches the crown of your head. Once it reaches the crown, tie it into a high ponytail.

This is the Most Effective Way:

Do not mind too much on those fly-aways. This would give a messier look so; it would be an additional factor for your look. To hide the elastic you used in tying your hair, you can get an inch from the section of your hair. This portion will then be wrapped around the elastic. You can finish it off by spraying a product for hair texture on its length. This will give the hair more movements.

Following the steps are very easy. However, in using elastics, do not pull it too tight. This can cause a big damage or break the hair. Moreover, in backcombing the hair, always use a paddle brush if you want to see best results.

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