How to Guide to make a conference call on Skype?


There are many applications that allow you to make video calls, but one of the most popular is Skype. Millions of people around the world use Skype, and it has got both business and personal uses as well. To make a conference call on skype is not that difficult task as it seems. This app even has got a mobile and desktop version too!


Skype group video calls accept up to twenty-five people, although only ten people share their video at the same time, the rest only communicate with audio. Using Skype has a huge benefit, in addition to high-definition quality and call stability, is that its popularity means that almost everyone already has an account. When you use Skype you can also rest assured that dropped calls will be a rare occurrence.

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In the following article, we will explain how to make the video calls with this application. Whether you are using it to make a group call with friends or making a business conference call, using Skype should be a cinch!


  • Selecting contacts


Skype is an application specialized in video conferencing, so it is the simplest to use to make these group video calls. What you have to do is enter the Chats page of the application, and click on the pencil icon to start a new conversation. You can also head over to the contacts page of the application and press Ctrl + Click onto the contacts that you want to include in your conference call.


  • Making a call


Once you have selected the contacts to include in the conference call, the call button will change to a green group call button. In the next screen you will see your contacts but above them some shortcuts for different types of conversation. Here, click on the New call icon to automatically perform a new individual or group video conference without the need to create a group beforehand.


And that’s it. Skype will start calling automatically the people you have selected. While calling, it will also show you some controls in which you can turn on or off the audio, your microphone or the camera so that it is just a voice call. During the call, you will also be able to see the individual icons of the people included in the conference call too.


These are but a few of the general steps that you need to follow if you are making a conference call on Skype. Making a conference call on Skype is that easy, so you should have no problem using this guide to help you set up a group call.


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