How to make a compost pile


Compost Pile



he composts is vitally important in organic farming, and there is nothing like making it in your own backyard, more so when it can be done in 4 easy steps, even if you have not done before.


The compost improves the fertility of our organic garden or garden and in addition, you are doing it with the remains of the kitchen and the garden, so you get organic compost totally free while you recycle!


Here are the easy steps to creating your own compost pile:-

 Where to create the pile:-

You do not need to have a container or container to make the compost; you can do it directly on the ground. Look for an area that is not very busy but at the same time accessible. However, if you want to make it in a container, you do not need to buy any, you can use a cube, or several, of garbage to which you will remove the base so that the compost is in direct contact with the ground and you will also make some holes, of the thickness of a pencil or a nail in its walls and if you want to make it even more practical you can make a door in one of the sides of the base through which you will remove the compost when it is ready. And you already have your composter.


Howtobros compost
How to Compost at home

Accumulate things to throw into the compost pile:


From the kitchen, we can add all the remains of fruits and vegetables (which have not been cooked), coffee or tea grounds, eggshells and avoid adding leftover meat, fish, bones, processed foods, feces of domestic or dairy animals. From the outside, you can take advantage to add remnants of pruning, unwanted herbs, leaves and basically what is generated in the garden.  We can throw almost any kind of organic matter into our compost pile.

The compost layers:

Start by throwing a dry layer, something like dry leaves, sawdust or straw. Then add the remains of the kitchen, add a layer of soil or any other dry material (sawdust, dry leaves, straw), and another layer with the remains of the garden, throw some water to bring some moisture. You can go adding layers following this pattern. You should always finish with a layer of sawdust on top.

 When it can be used:

In about 3 to 4 months the compost is ready to be used. If you do not use it in that period of time, nothing happens, as the compost does not expire.

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