How To Loose Weight By Running


Get Running to Lose Weight Quickly


Losing weight is by far one of the most difficult things to achieve. It takes dedication, and consistency to hit the desired target. One way you can lose those excess pounds off of your body is through running.

howtobros - how to lose weight with running
lose weight with running

Here are the things you need to keep in mind when it comes to losing weight by running:


  1. Goal Weight

Be specific as possible as to how much you want to lose. This will give you the inspiration to wake up each day, and proceed with your daily routine of running. You also need to know your ideal body fat. Have with you a tape measure, a weighing scale that measures your weight as well as your body fat. When you know what your target is, you will know where you are heading for. The more focused you will be.

  1. Work on your own pacing.

You are not joining a marathon or in a race wherein who loses much fat in an x amount of time wins. Be sure you are going to work in your own pacing. Then, as the day passes by, increase the level of difficulty or intensity. Be very aware that running is a highly intense activity which can lead to injuries. So, when you start running, go for where you are comfortable to start with. Start slow, then intensify later on.


When you want to lose weight through running, you need to be consistent. You can not simply run today and two weeks later you run again. For beginners, here are pointers for you to remember:


  1. Do start with walking, then run.

One thing you should avoid is to have injuries when you run. This can be easily avoided when you do start with walking. This activity is not that stressful towards your muscles bones, and joints. Then, you can proceed with running. Basically, you can start with walking for days, then go for running. Or, you can start a few minutes of walking and after which intensify the activity with running.

  1. Run occasionally.

Our muscles, joints, and bones do need time in order to recover from the effect of running to the body. For those who start running, it will take more than one day to recover. Thus, be sure you do take time to recover from the stress coming from running.

  1. Distance should be increased gradually.

If your aim is to lose 10 pounds in a matter of 7 days, you can not achieve this by running for 15 minutes in a slow-paced manner. What you need to do is to tweak your running routine. You can either increase the difficulty of your run or you run for a longer time. The choice is always yours. However, do not incorporate the change altogether. Do remember the 10 percent rule when it comes to increasing the difficulty or the distance.

  1. Implement a week-long training running program.

Having a plan is much better compared to running at an impulse. This will give you an overview on how you are going to go about losing weight using this method. Incorporate other activities like walking into the training for beginners.

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