HowtoBros Styling : How To Look Good In Glasses And Rock It


Look Good In Glasses And Rock It
How To Look Good In Glasses And Rock It

It is Worth to put those Aviators and wayfarer shaped glasses according to your face to add up some spice to your overall looks.

Glasses have been invented to make seeing better for those who have problems with their sight.

Lots of changes happened in the past and glasses have become a Style statement to all age group.

From the moment it was invented to its use now, a lot has undoubtedly changed. From being a subject of laughter to a fashion trend, more and more people want to try out glasses.

How Do You Look Good in Glasses

One of the first fears of a person who is about to wear prescription glasses is how he or she will look when they have to wear them daily. Unlike fashion glasses or sunglasses, prescription glasses need to be  worn constantly! So how do you look good in them and bring out the most in your personality with the design and style you choose?

Best Tips to Look Good in Glasses

  • Trim your eyebrows

o    Now that your eyes have covered the attention now goes to the eyebrows. You may want to maintain them and make them look neat and clean. Bushy eyebrows can be a problem when you have glasses because it can cover your face more.

  • Simple make up

o    This can also apply to guys who are conscious of how much their eyeglasses deepen their dark circles. Glasses can highlight these things that aren’t usually seen. Thus, you may need a bit of help from makeup. You can use a simple concealer and dab out under your eyes just to lighten it and not make you look like you’ve had no sleep for months.

o    Mainly for the ladies, talking about simple makeup, you can also highlight your eyes using the right eye shadow colors. This is important especially when you want to look presentable for work. Choose colors that effortlessly complement the color of your frames this will help highlight your eyes more and make them stand out of the thick frames.

o    Grab that eyelash curler and make your eyelashes noticeable. Since the glasses cover just about everything in the eyes, making the simple effort to highlight the parts of the eyes won’t make you look like a drag, but it can make your eyes look visible from outside the frames.

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