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~Design T Shirts~


o you have  a thing for designing t-shirts? If you have, then you will surely be looking for different various of options on how to go about with the printing.


But before you go about that, you need to come up with a design of the shirt that represents your creativity. Certain things need to be considered when creating a design.


The type of t-shirt you are going to put the design on does matter. Whether it be a round neck, v-neck, a hoodie, etc. You need to be particular about it. Also, the size of the design should well-defined. Do you want it to cover the entire shirt, half, or just ¼ of it. Or, do you want it to be at the front or at the back of the shirt. Also, you need to remember the sizes of the shirts will make an impact. Be sure the size is adjustable according to the size of the shirt. You want to make sure they do look the same regardless of the size. Now, let’s proceed with the printing of the shirt.



Design printed Tshirt
How to design Tshirt



There are three options of which you can print the design




1. Print On Demand


This is by far the latest option when it comes to printing t-shirt design. It uses DTG making use of inkjet printing. Instead of printing on a piece of paper, the ink goes directly to the shirt. The best part of this is that you will be able to come up with customization designs with quite a variety of color choices and details. It is perfect to use when you are printing for small batches. Why? The more shirts you are going to have it printed on, the quality diminishes. It does not work well when being printed on garments that are dark colored.


2. Vinyl Graphics


Another way of putting a design on a shirt is through the use of vinyl printing. What it does is that it makes of heated transfer to put the design on the shirt with the use of vinyl instead of the normal ink. It’s quite durable plus the shirt’s design is of high quality. This is not ideal for large quantities since the cost will go high as you go for complicated designs.

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3. Screen printing


This is what people usually use when it comes to printing shirt. It is the standard. When it comes to the cost, it is affordable and will yield to good quality shirts. This is perfect for designing t-shirts of more than 20 pieces. One thing you need to remember though, screen printing can be costly if you go for colorful designs.

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