4 Natural ways to Clear Acne Overnight



Having acne can be quite embarrassing especially for teenagers and even adults alike



eople will likely recognize it, and your skin will start to be oily, and pores will start to clog up even more. If you happen to have acne and want to have an immediate remedy for it, good news! There are home remedies you can make use of and see the positive effect with just one night. Although it is not a guarantee that your acne will be gone in a matter of one application, never the less, it will have a soothing effect and minimize the breakouts, and your skin will surely improve.


Take your pick of which remedy you can make use of that is easy to prepare because you have the ingredients at home.


The following are different ways of which you can clear your acne out overnight:


1. Use lemons


Do you know that lemons are enriched with vitamin C? This is one ingredient that can help in fighting against acne. It has a drying effect on the skin which can be beneficial. What you need t  to do is to dab a piece of cotton on freshly squeezed lemon, apply it on your face right before you go to bed.


2. Toothpaste does the trick


Yes, aside from being used to clean your teeth, it can also be used as a treatment for acne. Just apply the toothpaste on the area of your face which has acne right before you go to sleep. Be sure the toothpaste remains on your face for 30 minutes before you wash your face with lukewarm water.


3. Keep your pores clear with steam


Do you know that opening your pores aid in eliminating the bacteria, oils, and dirt on your face that do clog them? To make use of the steam, pour enough hot water on a bowl, then position your face wherein there is enough distance for you to feel the heat on your face. Stay in this position for about 5 or 10 minutes. After which, rinse your face with the use of lukewarm water.



4. Tree oil can also help


Tree oil contains antibacterial properties which is great in treating your acne. Get a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and mix with tree oil. Few drops will do. Then, apply the mixture on your face. Leave it for about 20 minutes, and rinse with lukewarm water.


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