How To Become A Stand-Up Comedian : 2019 Ultimate Guide


Making people laugh is a talent


owever, just like any talent you need to harness it, master your skill, hone your craft before you go out there to the world let yourself be known that this is your talent. If you are interested in becoming a stand-up comedian, there are certain things you need to go through before you can make it happen, read on.


The following are steps on how you can become a stand-up comedian:-


1. Original Material


This is one important thing you need to remember, you need to create very own material of which you can use when you do stand-up comedy. You can gain inspiration by watching other stand-up comedians stints over the net. All these will give you an idea on how to go about making your own, and adding up more flavor to your act.


2. Act


You are doing this on your own. You should be in character when you are doing your stints. Be sure you know how to act that will make it far more hilarious for the audience to laugh at.

Become Stand up Comedian
How to become a Standup Comedian



3. Rehearse your material


You can not simply go out there in front of the audience and do an impromptu especially if you are a beginner. You want to make sure you practice every single line of your material until such time you are more comfortable at throwing your punchlines, all sorts.


4. Be able to read your audience


Every audience is different. Be very observant on how the audience reacts to your stints. There are times when the audience would not laugh at your jokes, you need to be ready to have a backup plan and improvise. Your brain should be quick in picking up the vibes in the audience and create a new joke right there and then.

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5. Demo DVD


Audition to comedy clubs for bookings. This is where you are going to sell your talent out there. What you need to do is to have a demo DVD that showcases your talent. Be sure to give your best in it. This will either make or break your career in stand-up comedy. Do give it all so that you will have a higher probability of having a booking from different comedy clubs in the country.


So, are you now ready to audition for various comedy clubs? Have your Demo DVD ready!

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