How to Get Rid of Black- Eye Fast

Get Rid of Black
                 How to Get Rid of Black

A black eye as it is called, or sometimes referred to as a  “shiner” is a relatively minor injury that commonly heals on its own without medical attention. It does not normally cause other complications. When you hurt your eye a bruise will occur and the skin around your eyes will start to swell and will be darkened. This is why this medical condition is called a black eye.

Black eyes are not pleasant and most people prefer to cover them or get rid of them fast. How long does it take for a black eye to heal? However, before jumping around questions, let’s explain the causes of a black eye…

Black Eye: Why Does it Discolor?

Your skin around the eyes is the ones that get darkened in a black eye. This is because this skin is very loose. Underneath this loose skin are fats where fluids gather quickly. The damage near the eyes will be very visible as the blood, and the fluids will be pulled by gravity and gather in this area. The dark discoloration you see is the blood underneath the skin.

Three General Advice To Getting Rid Of Black Eye

  1. Apply ice cubes, cold peas or chilled spoon. Apply them as early as possible. Ice the area for 20 minutes at every hour. Some use the frozen peas package as they go well with your face shape than the bulkier ice cubes. You can even apply a spoon chilled in a freezer for a moment, but it quickly gets unchilled.
  2. Rest –  Do not strain yourself too much during the time of restoration.
  3. Take up pain reliever. This does not contribute to getting rid the discoloration but takes it for your comfort. Avoid Aspirin as they thin the blood.

How to Get Rid of Black- Eye Fast

    • Eat anti-inflammatory foods. Tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, olive oil, some nuts, fatty fish, fruits like berries, oranges and pineapples fight inflammation and speeds up the healing.
    • Massage the nearby area. Do this if the black eye is still there after a few days from the injury.
    •   Put Cucumber slices on your eyes.
    •  Arnica – One can never ignore this herb as it helps in reducing the swelling in the eye.
    •   Pineapple also has to treat the black eye. As it is rich in antioxidant that speeds up the healing process.

    How to get rid of a black eye in One day

    1.  Ice Pack – Wrap ice cubes in a cotton cloth and hold it for some time, Repeat the process
      for several times in a day.
    2. Warm Water Treatment – Before going to sleep, dip a clean cloth in hot water and put material on the affected eye area.
    3. Take up Ascorbic Acid. This aid in forming and maintaining conceive tissues.


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