How To Get Free Hotel Rooms?

Get Free Hotel Rooms
            How To Get Free Hotel Rooms

When somebody offered you free hotel rooms, what do you do? Do you act like you’ve heard nothing? Or do you eventually lose yourself because having free hotel accommodation is an excellent opportunity to have a quick escape from your everyday life?

How to Get Free Hotel Rooms

Isn’t it too impossible since most hotel accommodations are way too expensive to be availed for free? However, you must remember that there’s no such thing as impossible. Therefore you can find ways to get hotel accommodation without paying for anything.

  1. Apply for a credit card. Some companies give perks such as free hotel rooms for their loyal and new customers. This is usually rewarded to those who have just signed up for a new account or, for those who have reached a specific amount set by the company.
  2. Create a Twitter or Instagram account. These social accounts do more than just allowing you to share photos, videos or updates about what you are doing. Some companies reward users who use hashtags or photos which can benefit their business. For example, the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group encouraged participants to post their travel photos using the hashtag Club Carlson Insta Sweeps to have a chance in winning 30,000 Gold Points. These points can be converted to hotel rooms for a certain number of nights.
  3. Having loyalty cards and signing up for loyalty programs allows you to earn points which you can convert for room upgrades, free breakfast or even for a free hotel room. To earn points for such loyalty programs, you need to either dine, shop or buy a particular service that their company has.

How To Get Free Hotel Rooms

  1. Gamble! Aside from letting you go to casinos and enjoy the casino games they have, some companies reward hotel rooms for free just by signing up and playing.
  2. Participate in hotel promotions. Sometimes, hotels create promotions wherein it lets you answer questions, posts particular photos or anything that can promote their hotel. As a reward, they give free hotel accommodations for the winners.

How to Get Free Hotel Rooms: Bottom Line

Hotel rooms are nice to have for vacations, events, and when you need to travel for any reason. They are even handy when you want to have a stay-cay;) There are many ways that you can save thousands of dollars and get 5-star hotel rooms for FREE. Try these tips above to get your next hotel room for free!


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