5 Easy Tips on How to Dress to Look Thinner and Elegant

Have you gained weight this past season? You want to look slimmer and more appealing? Well, you can throw all those anxieties away. While physical body exercise is important to achieve a slim fit outcome, you can do one more thing to look as if you are slim. It is like hiding what is real. Well, the secret is: Your dress can make you look thinner. Not all dress. It has something to do with the design of your dress. The question then is….

How to Dress to Look Thinner?

It is amazing how a certain color, fit, and look of a garment such as a shirt or a pair of pants can change the way you look. Perfecting these looks and finding what looks elegant and makes you look thinner and learning the ways to avoid the things that make you look larger is key to looking your best all the time!

  • Structured Fabric. These dresses out of structured fabric conceal imperfections, while crisscross in your middle must detail visually cinches. Have you big arms? Conceal them as well by wrapping them with a cropped and fitted cardigan.
  • Accentuate your waist. Your waist must be defined clearly. Use skinny belt. One thing more, the higher you are on the floor ground makes you thinner. I tell you not to fly, of course not. You just need to put on your high heeled shoes or sandal.
  • Do not use checkered dresses. Instead, use vertically lined dresses to emphasize slimness.
  • Long, dark pants. This type of dress creates a long and lean silhouette. If you use dark below, you must pair it with a white top.
  • Boot cut jeans. According to one of dress stylist, she implies that jeans should hug you in all the right places. A slight flare on the ankle can provide an image of long, lean and slim appearance.
Smiling woman in elegant blue dress
        Smiling woman in elegant blue dress

These types of dresses will surely create a fake body shape to the beholders. If you want to get fit really, have a workout. You can also join some combat sports classes turned into a fitness program. Use fitted dress to compress the fats along with your arms and legs.

How to Dress to Look Thinner: Bottom Line

Learning from your sense of style and also learning how to dress to look thinner is not necessarily a difficult or complex thing to do. There are general rules of thumb you should follow, and according to your personal style and body type- it is for certain you will have no issue pulling it off!


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