How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend Gently

Break Up With Your Boyfriend Gently
 How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend Gently

Thinking about a breaking up with your boyfriend? You know its never going to work, but he is so into- you hate to break his heart. This is when you need to break it to him gently.

We know it’s not an Easy task to break up with your boyfriend and it never is going to be, but you can  make things easy for you and soon to be former partner by following these Tips!

Breaking up, no matter how long have you been in the relationship, will still give you the hurt you’ve never expected. This doesn’t matter if you’re the one left behind or the one who’s about to dump someone.

How to Break Up with your Boyfriend

Nevertheless, some circumstances push you to stop and think about quitting your relationship- do you really want to break up with your boyfriend. So, if it’s time to call it quits but you don’t want to feel so much guilt, here are things to consider on how to break up with your boyfriend without hurting him so much.


breakup with your boyfriend
How to breakup with your boyfriend

Break Up with your Boyfriend Tips:

  • Think about what you want and why you want it several times. Do not make a decision just because you’re mad, jealous or is a negative emotion.
  • Take your time to consider everything including the reason behind you wanting to break up with your boyfriend. This will not guarantee that you will not hurt other people’s emotion as long as you’re doing what’s right for you.
  • Think about how your partner will react with what you will say. Will your boyfriend get mad? Sad? Hurt? Or even happy? Whatever you’re feeling, you must still be sensitive enough about what he will feel.
  • Let your boyfriend know your intentions, and as much as possible, it should be good for the both of you. Show kindness and respect amidst the situation. This may lessen the hurt that the both of you will feel. Be calm in telling your partner about what you want.
  • Be honest about what you want to say, however, do not be brutal. As much as possible, tell the things that you want or like about him and what has attracted you to him in the first place. Then, explain why you want to move on without him. Being honest does not necessarily mean being brutal or harsh.
  • As much as possible, tell everything in person. This shows respect and sensitivity towards the other person. Avoid breaking up through texting or even calling.

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