How to Become a Travel Agent from Home

Being a travel agent is being the go-to person for people planning to visit. They help people to choose and organize their travel over a given budget. If you want to become a travel agent, then you should be able to give opinions and advice about the different destinations, the various attractions of a place, and the activities one could participate in while visiting the place.


You should also be able to give advice about passport and visa processing. Your job will also involve selling travel insurances to those who are interested in travelling.

Travel Agent speaking on phone
Travel Agent speaking on phone

Ways to Become Travel Agent

There are different roads on how to become a travel agent from home. Choose one from four on the following list:

  • Buy an already existing travel agency. You must check that the existing travel agency is already accredited, so paperwork will no longer give you a headache. Take note that apart from paying the owner of an existing travel agency there are also fees to pay for the transfer of ownership.
  • Buy a travel franchise. Most of the time, the company you make a franchise of will provide you with the online tools, and other support to make your travel agency operational.
  • Partner with a host travel agency. If you wanted to be an independent agent and are just starting out in this field, then you can use a host agency. With them, you will no longer process papers because they already did it for you for a fee.
  • Register your travel agency. When all else fails, you might as well register your agency.
Travel Agent talking on the phone at office
Travel Agent talking on the phone at office

The Beauty of Working From Home

If you are great at interpersonal skills, excellent at computations and great with verbal communication, then you can consider working as a travel agent. You can even get cheaper travel opportunities and keep on earning while on-the-go.


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